How Liens Work

As payment for tax debt, the government will readily take away unprotected properties. Getting tax liens can even have an effect on your credit, making it harder to get loans.

A tax lien allows the government, if you do not pay your tax debt, to lay legal claim on your property. To settle your debt in full is the only way to completely get rid of a federal tax lien. The IRS demands complete payment to release your lien within 30 days afterwards.

Tax liens are structured by complex federal regulations, but even the IRS makes mistakes, so it is important to know your rights to fight one.

How We Can Help

Clergy Tax Resolution understands the IRS’s strict guidelines and can help eliminate the lien for you. We can protect you by showing that the lien has been filed in error, appealing, making an Offer in Compromise or negotiating an Installment Plan. Let’s talk about your options.